kRAMP Eye/Madical services

– Eye care, Ultrasound scan, General medical services, consultations + linkages, health education and follow up services.

Introduction to Krampcare Medical Services –Who are we?….. This video will give you a brief summery!


Do assessments, investigations, prescription, dispense medications ,educate, keep records ,counselling ,referrals and follow up.

Eye Care services

Assessment, diagnosis, refraction ,prescription ,dispensing, referrals' and follow ups.

Ultra scan services

Abdominal ,obstetrics, gynecologic and small parts scans are carried out by a qualified sonographer.

Sickle cell care services

Education, counselling, drug prescriptions and follow up/home care management.

Care for your eyes & general health with us

Why Choose Our medical Services

Experienced Clinicians

Best listening & observation skills

follow-up commitment

What Our Clients Say

Musawo Joel has given me a special care and love during the many years I met him while fighting for my good health as a sickle cell client. His works in sickle cell care is superb. He lives by his words and works today as if there is no tomorrow. Am humbled.
Namagembe Ellen Gladdies
My colleagues and I have attended the eye care services provided by the KRAMPCARE and to my satisfaction I feel the services are standard. Where a second opinion has been thought, the diagnosis has remained the same. To me I have got 99% satisfaction.
Twegonze Olivia
The offered medical care has always been accompanied with education. I came to believe from Joel’s care that a lot of diseases can be prevented if people know where the problem originates. Am happy being served by him and he has a wonderful interaction.
Zaamu Namulema

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