Kalangala is located in the central region of uganda at the centre of Lake Victoria. You can reach it through two major routes. 1. From nakiwogo entebbe using a ship. This is average 4 hours. And    2. From Bukakata masaka side using a ferry, and that is 45 mins. Kalangala borders Tanzania in South and Kenya in the East. The district has water as its sorounding.

Life in kalangala is unique depending on the island you choose to be. However, at the heart of Kalangala, all sought of life exist . People are from all classes. However, income is the average.

Kalangala is hard to reach and hard to stay. Island to island people use boats as major means of transport. Boda boda ( motorcycles) exist in islandas . Some taxis are also available on the bugala main island.

It’s challenging to avail quality services in kalangala because of the lack of standard infrastructure .

In March 2015, we started a sickle cell clinic with 2 patients . Today, Jan 2024, we have 96 patients. The number would have been bigger if there was mass testing in all islands.

Few people seek eye care services in kalangala. The most common condition is allergic conjunctivitis and eye traumas

Krampcare clinic is easy to access. It’s located on the main road at the entrance OK kalangala Taxi Park. Close to the main market